This exhibition was created for the occasion of Leo Tolstoy's death centenary (November 20, 2010). It was on display from August 28, 2010 to January 29, 2011 at Berlin's Anti-War-Museum. The exhibition is neither ordered chronologically according to Tolstoy's biography nor is it a re-telling of the Doukhobors' history. A timeline of their history, however, has been included at the end of the exhibition in order to contextualize their journey.
The selected quotes by Leo Tolstoy and the Doukhobor Peter Verigin clearly show the fundamental importance of activism against military and war as well as a plea for conscientious objection by the late Leo Tolstoy.

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Note: This exhibition is protected by copyright and its commercial use is strictly forbidden. In case you want to show the complete exhibition, we will send you a CD containing the files of all panels.