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Leo Tolstoy



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Leo Tolstois Rede gegen den Krieg. Der Sozialist (Bern), 1. Jg., Nr. 20 (1. Dezember 1909), pp. 153-155.

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Yesterday's Witness: Tolstoy Remembered by his Daughter (1971)
31 minutes. Director: Michael Rabiger.

The Trouble with Tolstoy (2011)
1 hour, 7 minutes. Director: Alan Yentob.

Tolstoy's Last Visit to Moscow (September 1909)
9:26 minutes. Russian State Archives.

Leo Tolstoy celebrating his 80th birthday. Filmed in Yasnaya Polyana (1908)
4:24 minutes. Director: Alexander Osipovich Drankov.

Leo Tolstoy, original footage
24:34 minutes.

Chronicle (restored in 1960)
52:14 minutes.

Tolstoy - From Riches to Rags (1972)
43:33 minutes. Commentator: Richard Hurndall. Producer: Jonathan Stedall. Script: Theodore Roszak.

Alexander Goldenweiser plays Leo Tolstoy - Waltz in F Major, 1849 (1906)
1:06 minutes.

Reihe: Reflexionen über Tolstoi

Straftheorie bei Leo Tolstoi (30. März 2023)
(Präsentation: Dr. Dirk Falkner, Universität Augsburg)
28:46 minutes.

Leo Tolstoi - Dichter, Christ und Anarchist (31. August 2023)
(Präsentation: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klemm, Technische Universität Chemnitz) 36:43 minutes.