The Doukhobors in Tolstoy’s writings

Address to the Swedish Peace Congress (1909)
Appeal on Behalf of the Doukhobors (1898)
Correspondence with Gandhi (1908—1910)
Correspondence with P.V.Verigin (1895-1910)
Epilogue to Dróhzhin's Life and Death / "Postscript to the 'Life and Death of Drozhin" (1895)
Help! Postscript to an appeal to help the Dukhobors persecuted in the Caucasus (1896)
Letter on the Peace Conference (1899)
Letter to the Doukhobors (1899 / 1900)
Letter to a Corporal (1899).
Letter to the Chief of the Irkútsk Disciplinary Battalion (1896)
Letter to Eugen Heinrich Schmitt (1896)
Letter to the Editor of "Free Thought", Sofia, Bulgaria (1901)
Nobel Bequest (1897)
Reminders [Notes] for Officers (1901)
Reminders [Notes] for Soldiers (1901)
The Beginning of the End - [re: Van-der-Veer, Netherlands] (1896/97)
The Emigration of the Doukhobors (1898)
The Persecution of the Doukhobors (1885)
Two Wars (1898)
Who is to Blame? (1899)