Arms Burning Mural (Vladimir Gubanov, Russia, 1995)
Tryptich Oil on canvas 100 x 200 cm

In commemoration of the 1895 Doukhobors’ (Spirit Wrestlers) arms burning in Russia - near the village of Orlovka, Bogdanovka region (today: Georgia). In the first plan, there is perturbance (disturbance or agitation), and the site of burning of arms. In the lower place, is the sun – the center of creation. On the right side, at the edge, is the Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. The bright-colored sun is in the center. The perturbance relates to worms and snakes. In front is a person who lights the fire. Higher up is a man in the process of transformation. In the bottom right is the city, churches, and homes. Doukhobors are separated from civilization. If the Spirit Wrestler stops, this may cause an effect on the universe. Lower left shows a view of people carrying torches - they point the way. Women hug their children and save them.